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On November 27, 2011 my life changed forever.  She who gave me life, who saw me grow up to become the man I am today, and who comforted me just by her mere presence, lost her battle to Cancer after giving it all she had.

MamiAll it took was Two-years. Twenty-four months of treatments, weekly doctor visits, hundreds of pills, and many hospital stays – for one thing or another.  All of it came crashing down that Sunday afternoon, as if she knew that a new week would bring new challenges she wasn’t ready to embrace.  She had become tired, she had lost her cultivating smile that lit up any room.  She had surrendered to the fate of those less fortunate.  Twenty-four months, which was four-times more time the doctors had “given her”; so we cherished the time we had.  Her struggle gave me strength and taught me to never give up; after all, she never did!

It has been a little over a year and I still remember everything about that day and the days that followed.  Some questioned my decision to return to work immediately; others blamed me for becoming “withdrawn,” for refusing to “communicate” my feelings to help me cope.  Nonetheless, all I thought about was how to best take care of he who was my mother’s other half (la otra ‘media-naranja’) – my father.  How do you get into bed alone after forty-years of having someone next to you? How do you wake up to an empty house that bears your loved one’s scent everywhere you go? I didn’t know, but the least I could do was be a part of the process, to support, to listen, and above all else to be there, present in the moment.


You are probably asking yourself why I am telling you this in a forum that promotes physical activity… well, here is the “catch”.  On April 12th, Kennesaw State University will be hosting the 2013 Relay for Life, where students from our undergraduate Exercise Science Club will participate to raise funds and promote awareness about Cancer around the community and our campus.  The event, which last 12-hours, begins on Friday, April 12th at 7pm and ends on Saturday, April 13th at 7am.

This year, in an attempt to promote physical activity and in loving memory of my mother’s twenty-four months of struggle, I will walk the 12-hour event.  This is not to say I will ‘participate’ in the event, no.  I am committing to walking ALL 12-hours!  A small feat considering what she endured.  I think this event will allow me to continue to heal, to cope with the absence of her smile, and her sweet and calming voice, which I miss terribly.

Maybe you would consider joining me with a small donation ? Help me make all of my steps count towards giving a little of hope to others.

I know these are tough times for all of us, but think of those who are less fortunate in a hospital bed receiving treatment. Even a single dollar ($1) counts for them, and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to them!!!


Thank you for reading and for helping keep my mother’s memory alive!

Until next time. Be Active!

(To donate, click here and search for my name.)