It has been a while since my last post, but after following this for couple of days and trying to come up with a response that was more intelligent than offensive, there truly isn’t mush else to say… Well said Dr Anastasia Boulais!

Let’s help these patients, not “feel sorry” for them. Watch the video and comment below.


This morning I had the unfortunate experience of watching a particularly vile video. This was brought to my attention by Dr Yoni Freedhoff and I have to say that I share his outrage. The video is supposed to be a “satirical representation” of a typical encounter between a doctor and an overweight patient. It was published on a popular medical website Kevin MD, the “social media’s leading physician’s voice”.

“This is the video which will make you feel sorry for doctors treating obesity”. 

Please watch.

My first inclination after watching this was to smash my computer screen. My second inclination was to write a post. If you are reading this I chose the second. There are many MANY features of this video which are both disturbing and revealing of our current public health system and societal attitudes to obesity.

Let’s start with the title of the article: THIS IS THE…

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