More than just a "weight" issue


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It has been 11 days since the New Year and many of us are still actively involved, and determined, to achieve at least one of our New Year resolutions for 2013.  If you are like most people, losing a few pounds here and there may have made the list this year again.

By now, I am sure that you have seen several commercials about diets, exercising gadgets, and even one or two commercials or TV shows (there is no “coincidence” as to why NBC begins the ‘Biggest Loser‘ show in January) on losing weight and becoming more active.

On this post, I would like to discuss the latter – physical activity.  It is true that to achieve weight loss you must exercise and watch what you eat.  However, becoming physically active brings a multitude of other benefits that would also promote better health, even if you don’t “shed off” the pounds.  So, perhaps, we should simply emphasize becoming more physically active throughout the day and reduce the time we spend sitting.  I challenge you to record how much time you spend sitting today!  There is plenty of research discussing the ill effects of sitting and a sedentary lifestyle.

In future posts I will discuss the differences between physical activity and exercise and I will begin to ‘break down’ how to design a safe and effective exercise prescription for health.  So, stay tuned and don’t forget, your comments are always welcomed!

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New Year, new project!


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As the new year begins I embark in this project, which has taken over a year to develop, design and bring to fruition.  I hope you find the information on this page useful and helpful to accomplish any health and fitness goal you may have.  So, stop by often!

As the year begins, I would encourage you to commit to an active lifestyle throughout the year, not only the next two weeks!  It doesn’t take much to gain benefits, but you have to start somewhere!

The following video from Dr. Mike Evans ( has had over 3 Million views on YouTube and has been translated to several languages.  Dr. Evans answers the question – What is the single best thing we can do for our health?  and as you will see, you don’t have to train like an ‘Olympic athlete’ to get healthy. So, here is to a Healthy and Happy New Year to ALL!

Puedes ver el vídeo en Español aquí.